# The Intermediate WebDev guide to the galaxy

Those ressources are for junior devs who wants to not be so junior anymore. Work in progress.

# Make your code better

# Clean code - Naming 101

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Very short sum-up on how to Name stuff correctly. From the awesome Robert C. Martin book "Clean Code", which I recommend.

# The Clean Coder

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Sum-up on the Right attitude for a programmer, from "The Clean Coder" by Robert C. Martin.

# Tips for writing self-documenting code

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Basics for writing clear code.

# Semver

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Learn correct versionning.

# Develop your skills

# How To DevOps

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So you like computers ? Try DevOps.

# Intermediate Javascript

# Webpack config generator

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Although I wouldn't advise to use generated configuration, this helps a lot with understanding how it works. Be sure to be smarter than me and read the doc, though.


# Structured Data Schema Markup

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How to get your business to show up on the right hand side of google.

# Security

# JWT Debugger

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Great debug tool for JWTs.