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I Got Paid For This, And My Team Too

API Entreprise


  • Fullstack + devops at Etalab (DINSIC), Service of the Prime Minister
  • At the heart of the French Digital Transformation
  • Develop and maintain the API Entreprise, the official french governement API for confidential company data
  • Ruby on Rails, Vue.js, with a Microservice architecture, deployed with Ansible



  • Fullstack + Devops + Data Protection Officer at Sedomicilier.fr
  • Fully automated domiciliation solution & Affiliated services
  • Work on legacy code, developed new features, implemented quality processes
  • Ruby on Rails monolith with React, TypeScript, GraphQL frontends, on an AWS infrastructure.

I Got Paid For This, (Mostly) By Myself



  • The Open Data reference for all French Companies and Associations.
  • Vue.js Frontend
  • Powered by 3 Rails API (wrote 2 of them)

I Got No Money But I Had Fun

Is that a banana ?


  • Fun weekend project using Vue.js and TensorFlow.js
  • Analyze pics of bananas with a client-side neural network

Archlinux system: Nostalgia Drive


  • My own Archlinux system built from scratch
  • Designed with its vaporwave / retrowave theme
  • Have been using it ever since

Arduino project: Neon Genesis Cactus


  • Fun weekend project using some C, Vue.js, p5,js, an ESP8266 module and some soldering
  • The cactus will light on the music beat

What About School ?

Many graphical projects in pure C, including a Wolf3D clone and a feature-rich Raytracer.

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