# The Beginner WebDev guide to the galaxy

Starting a WebDev career is hard. Learning how to code isn't very complicated, but learning the full job is something else altogether.

Since I had to dive deep and fast in WebDev waters, and since I kept my passion for tutoring and mentoring, I saved the best resources a beginner WebDev might need to kickstart its career.

# General knowledge

# The WebDev Roadmap

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So you want to know how to be a webdev ? This map will tell you everything you need to learn.

# Webdev Skills

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List of webdev skills to master.

# Frontend Roadmap

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More in-depth look at the WebDev roadmap for frontend.

# Oh shit, git !

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While learning git, you WILL need this to save your sorry ass.

# The 7 ranks of a programmer

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Slightly cringy, yet a good read about the different skill levels of a programmer.

# Linux Journey

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Good website to become a Linux pro!

# Training Ideas

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Dunno what to code ? Here are ideas.

# Client-side vs Server-side rendering

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What is SSR / CSR ? An historical explanation.

# Javascript

# Javascript for dinosaurs

Must-read !

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Explaining exactly what is the current JavaScript environment and how we got here.

# Learning Javascript in 2016

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A bit old but still worth a read. Funny take on what a mess the current JavaScript environment is. Read "Javascript for dinosaurs" first.

# React roadmap

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What you need to know to start learning React.

# Structuring React projects

A definitive guide.

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# Why use Single-Page-Application JavaScript Frameworks ?

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The answer with a very detailed study of the Reddit up/downvote button.

# The JS Fat Arrow

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Very good article to explain this javascript concept.

# You don't know JS (Yet)

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Amazing book for beginners and intermediates alike.


# CSS for dinosaurs

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Where does CSS comes from ?

# CSS Flexbox froggy

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Little game to learn Flexbox ! (Also available in French)

# Complete guide to flexbox

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I've been using flexbox for a year and I still use this guide regularly. Whole website is gold !

# CSS grid garden

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Same but for CSS Grid !

# CSS Breakpoints the right way

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Real CSS breakpoints !

# How To Mobile-first CSS

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Because we are in the 21th century.

# Ruby and Rails

# Strong params

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Because it took me quite some time to understand what were strong params.

# Recreation time

# If the world was created by a programmer (funny)

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Little recreation for your students.