Samuel Faure, Fullstack developer.


Main Skills

  • Fluent 🇫🇷 🇬🇧
  • Backend with Ruby on Rails
  • Frontend with Vue.js, React
  • DevOps, Continuous Integration

My code is Test-driven & Self-documenting.

Experience: 7 years

2021-Now: Fullstack & DevOps @Etalabopen in new window

2020-2021: Fullstack, DevOps & DPO @Sedomicilier.fropen in new window

2017-2021: Webdev mentor in new window

2016-2020: Fullstack & DevOps @Etalabopen in new window


  • Outstanding results at coding school 42 Paris.
  • Engineering degree in Food Science. Just for fun.


  • Technical: If you need it, I already know it | If I don't, then I will.
  • Social: Great communication | pleasant to work with | works great by myself & in a team.
  • Managerial: Successfully trained many students and interns.

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I love

Coding - Music - Design - Video games - Writing - Helping others.

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